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MC Ferrochrome factory
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Ingreso: Jan 2019
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MC Ferrochrome factory
Ferrochrome C4 lump
Chromite using carbon ferrochrome in one-step -arc furnace smelting process, raw materials including chromite, in ore heat furnace, whose character is: the join in the process of smelting 8-20% (weight ratio, amount of chromite as 100%) of silicon dioxide and 4-10% (weight ratio, amount of chromite as 100%) of the coke, 1.The addition of 5% (weight ratio, 100% chromite) of dolomite, silica and coke remains at 2:1.
Medium and low carbon chromium iron is used in the production of medium and low carbon structural steel carburized steel and the manufacture of gear high-pressure blower blade valve plate.
The weight of each piece shall be no more than 15kg, and the weight of each piece smaller than 20x20mm shall not exceed 5% of the total weight of the chromite.If the buyer has special requirements on the granularity, the two parties shall negotiate separately.
High carbon chrome workpiece hammer head
High carbon chrome workpiece hammer head
There shall be no visible non-metallic inclusions on the inner and surface of the chromium iron, but a small amount of them shall be allowed when the coating on the surface of the ingot is not clean.MC Ferrochrome factory
14-01-2019 02:36 AM

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